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Gender Female
Occupation Wife,mother,sister, daughter & friend
Location Malaysia
Introduction Based on the Winn Feline Foundation's calculations I would be almost 8 in cat years. Obviously getting on in human years but pretty much still a kid at heart, love my family and friends to bits.
Interests Reading, Music, Crafting, Writing, DIY enthusiast especially for home projects, Plants, geez, how could I forget what I love to do best, Baking, Cooking.
Favorite Movies The "girly" ones that makes you laugh and weep all at once!
Favorite Music Pink Floyd, Scorpions, Santana, Al Jarreau, Rupert Holmes, Barbara Streisand, etc, etc
Favorite Books Whodunnits!

How is an ankle unlike a consequence?

What kind of question is this,Oii? :D