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Industry Student
Location Jitra, Kedah, Malaysia
Introduction 22. Female. UTP. Kthanxbye !
Interests ::music::pink::perfumes::chatting:: sms-ing::facebook-ing:: frenster-ing::games::magazines:: gosip-ing::kids::surfing::jokes:: laugh::
Favorite Movies ::watch all types of movies:: horror::action::romance:: as long as its interesting:: titanic::ella echanted::my gal::bring it on::license to wed::sydney white::rush hour::
Favorite Music ::r&b::pop::instrumental:: raggae::remix::country::orcheatra:: but rock::rihanna:: sitinurhaliza::nora::mariah carey::jordan spark::jojo:: akon::celion dion::
Favorite Books ::jeans ure's series:: me n mr darcy::::bUsInEsS dRiVEn tEcH tExT bOok:: cAlCuLuS::pRoBLeM sOlViNg n pRoGrAm dEsIgN iN C::aLL lEcTuRe nOtEs::tHe eXpLorAtIoN oF eCoNoMiCs:: cOnTeMpArArY bUsInEsS::gEtTiNg fAmiLiAr wIf tHiS kInG oF bOoKs::CoZ i nEed tO::n hAvE tO::qUiTe iNtErEsTiNg tHoUgH::sTaRtInG tO lOvE aLL tHoSe bOoKs::