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Gender MALE
Introduction Born in Miami Beach to a Miami Hurricane OLineman Father in 1959!! @ the age of four My Dad broke my leg teaching me how to tackle, did I mention, (he was a muscular 250lb OLINEMANNN)!!! I played for the Pee-Wee league Miami Dolphins in 1965, one year before OUR FINS took the field!! The Pee-Wee league NotYets were the Champions of that league for all four years I played and starred for the Dolphins, so I've passionately hated the nyets while the Dolphins and football have been in my heart since the age of 6, iff not birth!! Played through the organized football league's up to and through High School, and coached the little gyz in my 30's!! Played organized baseball (w'ex-pro's) into my late 30's, (flunked a walk-on try-out for the Athletic's @ 20), favorite team is the ORIOLES!! Lived in California between the age's of 17 & 40!! My Moto is, Some say I'm too competetive!! I say I could be more NON-competetive than anybody, which make's me the WINNER of non-competetiveness!! LOVE THE MIAMI DOLPHINS!!