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Industry Student
Occupation Student is another way of saying unemployed
Location Florida Gulf Coast, United States
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Introduction I'm me, you're you. Nice to meet you, want to be friends? I should have appreciated childhood more. Folding laundry should be considered cruel and unusual punishment. Why can't I be OCD about important stuff? When did thirty creep up on me? I thought I was watching for it, but I must have fallen asleep.
Interests Myself, Me, Cooking, Beach Cruisers, mountain bikes, camping, beach, travel, reiki, yoga, photography, scrapbooking, painting, life, learning, knitting, crocheting, crafts
Favorite Movies The ones I don't fall asleep during.
Favorite Music I've finally gotten too old for rap. Well, at least while people are watching me. But sometimes when locked in my house I blare it.
Favorite Books The ones for school. No really, I am going to have a book burning festival for those when I'm done. Why do they cost so much when they suck so bad???

The squish of mud between your toes; how would you live your life as a frog?

Very, very happily. I like mud. That may be one more thing I shouldn't have shared with the world.