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Gender MALE
Industry Government
Occupation customs officer
Location domiat, Egypt
Introduction egyptian ,need support(not money),to take all legal proceedings,AT U.S.A COURTS OR AT INTERNATIONAL COURT against P.Obama,U.N organization for refuse my refuge,legal help against the vodafone company and EGYPTIAN RESPONSIBLES,WHERE THERE IS ATTEMPTS TO HELP THESE RESPONSIBLES TO ESCAPE FROM THE JUSTICE,as example of these attempts the vodafone company because this company had sell me a mobile-3g with corrupted software,hardware(there is copy of this software at this blog pictures),to prevent my contact with the media-websites to inform them about the crimes of these responsibles(THAT PUNISHED ACCORDING THE INTERNATIONAL PENAL OR ANY NATIONAL PENAL CODE),another example of these attempts the general egyptian prosecutor had refuse my official report to lodge the criminal act against these responsibles,WITHOUT TAKING ANY INVESTIGATION PROCEEDINGS TO VERIFY THESE SERIOUS CRIMES,although the demonstrated evidences at the documents,WHERE THERE IS THREATENS,PRESSURES FROM SECURITY AUTHORITIES,OFFICIALS BY KILL ,HARM ME,MY FAMILY,so I need all possible support(not money)to take all legal proceedings,as I explain at this blog,for the contact,the documents MY EMAIL:hlmelsaid761@gmail.com