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Industry Science
Occupation Coroner's Assistant (ret'd)
Location Newark, NJ, United States
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Introduction Musician, star-gazer, full-time reader, old-time hippie aging cautiously in surprising times
Interests Music, Art, Greco-Roman history, Egyptology, Anthropology, Anatomy, Paleontology, Forensic Pathologies, Legal issues in Forensic Science, Ancient Cultures esp Mayan & Egyptian (Both Kingdoms), Meso-american cultures (Inca, Aztec, Toltec, Olmec, Mayan) time travel, Astronomy, Expanding Universe Theory, pandemics rel to natural extinctions, direction of continued evolution, the Renaissance, all things baroque, rococo, Pre-Raphaelites Brotherhood, architecture, Numerology, 10th century Byzantine art (Cypriate), the Gaia Theory, String Particle Theory and particle physics, The Dresden Codex, Dead Sea Scrolls-Gnostic Gospels, Coptic Judas Gospels, Theology, plural god-worship v. one god, a surprising waterfall as you walk thru the deep woods.
Favorite Movies What's a movie?
Favorite Music You name it - esp Sigur Ros, Richard Hawley, Tim Booth, James, Jarvis Cocker, Charlatans, Blur, Pulp, Olafur Arnalds, Doors, Radiohead, Mozart, Eve 6, The National, Sinatra, my Dad, The Verve, Beethoven, Piaf, Travis, ok let's face it I love every note every written. Which means I don't know what rap is.
Favorite Books The Mayan Prophecies and all written words throughout recorded time, including cuneiform, petro- and hieroglyphics.

When you spilled the milk, did it look like the moon?