About me

Gender MALE
Occupation Driver
Location The land of impending Tyranny, Oppression, and Home of the Fear-Mongering Bankers. Known as the, United States
Introduction I'm Married to a lovely wife, and have a son. Im a vehicle Operator in the US Air Force. I own a 1976 Datsun 280Z that I am building up to be a Race Car of sorts, and Lifelong dream is to be a racing driver. I am awake about the New World Order and how they are destroying Amercias National sovereignty, stealing our God-Given rights, destroying our Liberties, stealing our money and are focused on the Military-Industrial-complex and am doing what I can to inform other people about it, and hopefully we can peacefully keep the dollar from dying, and stop all hell breaking loose upon this generation. I have kept a journal for the past few years, but I feel it is high time I get my thoughts out to the few people who care about what I care about. Ill blog about just about anything in Life; Peoples behaviours, The Globablist Takeover of America, (and soon, the world) Cars, Racing, And then, just a summary of my day, or maybe a dream I had. You never know. Subscriptions, Feedback and comments are highly encouraged and Appreciated.
Interests driving, family, taking down the Globalists
Favorite Movies Anything by Alex Jones, Star Wars, Loose Change, Jerry Bruckhiemer Flims
Favorite Music Metallica, Flogging Mollys, Tossers, Oldies
Favorite Books The Man in the White Suit, George Carlins books