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Gender MALE
Industry Tourism
Occupation Musician/Vagabond
Location ever on tour
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Introduction CJ Boyd uses a bass and pedals to try and stop time. Since March of 2008, he has been on perpetual tour, playing thousands of shows around North America and Europe. Besides playing solo, CJ plays in the bands: Kurva Choir, Desert Center, Rhonya and Move, as well as releasing sample based music under the name DJ Too Slow. This blog is simply a listing of CJ's shows since 2004, up to the present and foreseeable future.
Interests sound, love, beauty, humor, truth. Among my interests, I would not include blogging.
Favorite Movies Big Lebowski, Princess Bride, Little Shop of Horrors, and just about anything by Godard, Marx Brothers, Lynch, or Von Trier.
Favorite Music Beethoven, Mingus, Mos Def, Brian Eno, Silver Mt. Zion, Philip Glass, Sigur Ros, Stravinski, LIMB, Arvo Pärt, Dead Prez, Dilute, Sandro Perri, Big Bill Broonzy, Nat Baldwin, Wu Tang Clan, Edgar Meyer, Bjork, Steve Reich, Arthur Russell, Nelly Kate, Joao Gilberto, Godspeed, Eluvium, Monk, Jimi, Nina, 2pac, Coltrane, Zeppelin, Primus, Tarentell, Van Morrison, Tool, Saul Williams, Radiohead, Virginia Rodrigues, Tortoise, Mahler, Stanley Jordan, Chopin, Ani Difranco, Robert Johnson, Matmos, Bulgarian Women's Choir, Can, Rumah Sakit, Johanna Newsom, Aphex Twin, Dylan, Yes, Stanley Clarke, Uakti, Angelo Badalamenti, Tom Waits, J5, The Drift, Beans, Silvio Rodriguez, Funkadelic, Rothko, Autechre, Sly...
Favorite Books Nietzsche, Adorno, Aristotle, Gibran, TS Eliot, Emerson, Bourdieu, Marx.