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Gender Female
Occupation Human: Writer; Cat: I don't work -- I'm a cat.
Location United States
Introduction About us: I'm the world famous Meankitty who lives with Typing Slave (Jody Wallace), Food Slave, Pink Thing, Loud Thing, and Big D (another cat). Typing Slave is a published author who's supposed to be at my beck and meow, but instead she sits in front of the computer muttering to herself. This is our shared blog to discuss her career and the mean things I do to her to maintain my status in the SOHC (Society of House Cats) as well as assorted musings and felinious advice.
Interests Human: Writing Cat: Eating, sleeping, ordering my slaves around, wrecking the joint, making noise at 3 a.m., ruining the furniture, chasing off stray cats
Favorite Movies Human: Too many to list! Cat: That Darn Cat, The Cat From Outer Space, Fritz the Cat, Garfield, Cat Trouble
Favorite Music Human: I like the quiet. Cat: The sound of humans yelling at me for some clever trick.
Favorite Books Human: Romance, women's fiction, sf/f Cat: Whatever Typing Slave is trying to read makes a nice seat.

Your hand has been replaced by a rubber stamp. What does it say?

"Oh. My. Meow."