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Occupation Wellness Coach
Location Pittsburgh, PA
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Introduction My name is Sara Stakeley and I am 37 years old living in/ born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA. I have been married since July, 2010 (together 17 years!!) and have 3 fur babies (Ani, Boo, Brody). I love to create/share recipes (foodie), laugh, dance in my car, and all music... except country!! I am BIG on personal development, mindset, and only seek Good Vibes!! I work full-time from home and have been a virtual health coach for five years. I lead a team full of (4,934+) ROCKSTARS who encourage me to be a better person every single day. I run monthly accountability groups + challenges for those looking to change their physical, emotional, or mental well being. Time sure flies when you're doing EXACTLY what you love! (Life by design) I am always looking to onboard + mentor new coaches to our team. If you're looking for a positive spin on life, if you're sick of your current job, if you are teachable,or if you are ready to start living a life a freedom, don't hesitate to reach out. If you feel stuck in a rut in your current fitness or nutrition regimen, I would love to talk about your goals and see how I can help you accomplish them
Interests Clean Eating, PCOS, Recipes, Animal lovers, Income Freedom, Healthy Mindset, Loving Marriage, Leadership, Foodie, Life Coach