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Industry Transportation
Occupation Middle East Consultant
Location United Kingdom
Introduction My life took a dramatic turn when I started to see things from a different perspective whilst helping those in poverty in rural India and in the making of a documentary film. I have carried out years of research covering wars in the Middle East, high technology (civil/military), weapons used – terrorism-human rights and poverty. I am an independent activist & use my broad experience to research all the many conflicts/ issues that occurred in the Balkans, Kuwait, Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Gaza, DRC, Sudan, Somalia and Pakistan. I have appeared on TV, US Radio, written a book and write for the Palestine Telegraph. I reflect on the greed in this world, the wars, pain, suffering & poverty that American and British imperialism and their foreign policies have created. There is a direct link between this and the rise in self induced terrorism, conflict, genocide, poverty, and the displacement of millions of people. Current wars are all about excessive greed for oil and gas, natural resources, world control and certainly nothing to do with democracy. I also believe that world politics are controlled by Wall Street and London Bankers with Christian and Jewish Zionist at its heart.
Interests Aviation and Airport Development, Tourism Development, Oil/Gas Logistics Support(Aviation and Marine), Technology, Helping the poor of this work
Favorite Music Pop, Classic