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Occupation student
Location tumpat, wakaf bharu, Malaysia
Introduction assAlamu'alaikum... Soleha women smile in trouble,gather strength from doa...grow brave by istighfar & solah stand firm & zikr when she sees & going thru painful test everyday...hope all 0f women in this world will be 'soleha women'..insyaAllah..may ALLAH bless u =) ''muslim,u hve remember n warning avoid from 'aasi'..He.who give the most useful of love for protecting u in ur life..once u did something wrong,that can produce sins..remember ALLAH..u should rmember His kindness n punishment..everytime & everywhere..there,u will know how to appreciate ur life as a muslim.." Alhamdulillah..sudah tamat pengajian di Kolej Matrikulasi Perak (KMPk)..dan menyambung pelajaran di Universiti Malaysia Terengganu(UMT) dalam bidang Bachelor of science Biology..InsyaAllah..Mohon doanya yer..(^^,)