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Location New York, United States
Introduction Im on a quest to better myself...*no seriously i am*.I feel like we are so obsessed with our "image" that we neglect other areas of our lives that need to be nurtured and requires just as much ,if not more,of the attention we allocate to our hobbies instead. Preoccupied with the weaves, makeup, manicured nails, designer clothes. PERPETRATING! Renting our lifestyles. Although we cant afford to buy it, we charge it instead because we feel we're entitled. All to pull off a look that "pop culture"(aka popular culture) deemed to be ideal. Between all that and the shallow relationships we're only delaying the blessing that life offers. The things that really matters at the end of the day. Internally we're conflicted and are fighting to get back to who we really are or are meant to be. This is evident in our attempts to grow our our natural hair, purge no good people from our lives, and educating ourselves. But we're human so we lapse and fall victim to old habits. There's strength in numbers so journey with me as i re-write my story. You never might be inspired to take a look inward as i have.
Interests Life and its lessons
Favorite Movies Love Jones, Why did i get married, Persuit of Happyness
Favorite Books Rich dad Poor dad, What you think of me is none of my bussiness...changed my outlook on life these books