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Gender Male
Industry Law
Occupation Writer
Introduction Hmmm... You may be asking about the author. I'm not sure how much I should reveal. I want readers to come at my website with an open mind, and I give too much away, you might not see yourself in my writings. But if you want some details. I'm 5-11. I'm a lawyer, and I went to a top university. I work out: some people say my pecs are my best feature: I'd like to think it's my HEART or my BRAIN, but that's gay guys for you. In theory, I shouldn't be single, and yet I am, lol... I wonder whether app culture has made it much harder to find and build a relationship or if it's just me... (Awkward!)
Interests Writing, Politics, Gym, TV, film, drinks (What's wrong with you people, how am I still single?)