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Gender Female
Industry Student
Occupation Future RN/BSN/MSN
Location Northeast, OH, United States
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Introduction I'm 24, living life with my new liver! Currently spend my days nannying, going to college (working on my BSN-RN) & am honored to be a published writer in a nursing anthology & the AJN. I’m a contributor to many scrapbooking pubs. I love hanging w/my amazing friends & fam. I love my baby puppy Haylie Brooke + our silly doggies Riley & Zoe. In my rare spare time, I read & get crafty. I thrive on organization, my Mac repertoire, learning & absolute fabulosity. My favorite place in the world is Paris. My favorite color is pink. I love being a nurse & I believe each one of my patients is precious. I'm a night owl & wish my lifestyle promoted such habits. I like lazy jammie days. I believe in God and am thankful for His hand on my life. I believe that life is too short to be anything but happy, & i’m thankful that chronic illness has taught me important values that most people learn far too late. I hope that the world will find hope, and my idea of a good day is one in which I made someone smile :)
Interests shopping, sleeping, scrapbooking, vacationing in europe, hanging out with the girrrrls, being goofy w. my sister, game nights, writing, road trips, pictures, chocolate, music (i heart my ipods!), my iphone, 2 macs, and my baby puppy haylie :)
Favorite Movies breakfast@tiffanys and old audrey films, evening, walk to remember, the notebook, just like heaven, bella, katharine heigl!
Favorite Music indie slow jams, lyrically deep, lil bit catchy, whatever i heard on the radio.... seriously a little bit of everything.... well EXCEPT 80s. i dont do that. but yes, my itunes is ridiculous. you'd never believe the variety in there. i don't even believe what i sometimes find in there. lol
Favorite Books the bible, captivating, a grief observed... anything inspirational or intelligent. must make me think, second guess myself, or feel challenged