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Industry Arts
Occupation Singer-songwriter
Location Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Introduction I'm a girl that likes Country music. I think Taylor Swift is AWESOME. I don't neccesarily go with the flow. I like to be different and remembered. My dream job would be to become a singer-songwriter/actress and my #1 idol (I have a lot) is Taylor Swift. Other jobs that would be realistic for me is to become a lawyer/attorney and a doctor. My dream University/College would be Harvard University, Yale, Stanford and McGill Medicine school. I'm the "good-girl" type. I don't swear, have never tasted alcohol before, and I would NEVER want to be arrested or have a DUI or smoke and do drugs. My favourite outfit would be a sundress and cowboy boots. I like reading and writing. By writing, I mean stories and songs. I also like to watch movies in my spare time. I know how to play the piano, flute, recorder and the guitar. My friends describe me as the dependable one. I'm always there for you. I find that I'm usually the shoulder-to-cry-on person. But I'm fine with that. My favourite and lucky number is 13. The place that I would want to live is Nashville, Tennessee, USA.
Interests Music, Singing, Drama, Writing, Reading, Daydreaming
Favorite Movies Valentine's Day, Love Actually
Favorite Music Taylor Swift, All country Music and Artists
Favorite Books There are WAY too many to choose from.

You've written a hit musical! How will you avoid having fame go to your head?

I'd hang out with my friends, practice the piano, read, continue to write things, and still wish every single minute that I'd get to meet Taylor Swift.