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Introduction Current Highlights: -"Solo - A Star Wars Story" Brian worked on the infamous "Kessel Run" sequence. -"Ready Player One" with Steven Spielberg. -The Sunday LA Times featured Brian's storyboards for "Now You See Me 2". ~~~~ "A visionary."  "A genius." “The fastest storyboard artist I've worked with.” Some of the words spoken by top tier Hollywood Directors regarding Brian "Adobewan" Murray. Traditionally trained, with stylus in hand, Brian uses Photoshop, ZBrush, and SketchUp to create concept art, storyboards, and illustration for film, television, and comic books. Director David Twohy touts Brian’s boards on the "The Chronicles of Riddick" DVD commentary. Brian performed triple-duty on "Chronicles", as lead storyboard artist, concept art, and designer of "The Hunt for Riddick" web experience.  Other highlights: Brian's co-creation, scripting, and illustrating of Image Comics’ hit ”Supreme", which Tom Clancy took note of in his novel, "Black Ops". Brian produced covers and interiors for DC, Marvel, Image and many more.  Brian's illustrations of the L.A. Dodgers were on large-scale display throughout LA on banners, billboards, and bus posters.