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Gender Male
Occupation Retired
Location Houston, Texas, United States
Introduction I recently retired after serving my time working for other people. The one Truth I can attest to is that I don't like crowds. Not a good thing for someone living in a large city! So I am planning to move back to the country. Back to a place where I can sit on the front porch without worrying about getting mugged or shot at! Where the sounds of breeze in the trees and local wildlife replace the sounds of city strife. Where the light of the stars at night replace the streetlamps and neon. Most of all, I am going someplace where I can throw a rock and not hit my neighbor's house.
Interests Internet, reading, writing, day dreaming, learning new things daily
Favorite Movies Pump Up The Volume, The Matrix, 2001:A Space Odessey, All Sherlock Holmes with Basil Rathbone
Favorite Music Classical, soft jazz, big bands, country, golden oldies, classical guitar
Favorite Books Too many to mention, but very fond of James Patterson, Stephen King, Patricia Cromwell

Never mind the turtle. Don't you think you're sure to win?

I think that joy should come not necessarily from the winning, but in the freedom to participate in the race.