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Location Devon, United Kingdom
Introduction Like many photographers, I’ve tried different styles but I came to realize some time ago that taking pictures for the next Littlewoods catalogue or something just doesn’t press my creative button. My ‘epiphany’ if you like came when I discovered the unparalleled pure beauty of fine art / artistic nudes. To that end my work with models centres on that genre. I can find no subject more beautiful in the truest sense than the unclothed female form. (Dolphins admittedly come a close second, but are less reliable)! Working outdoors is my great passion, exploring the physical and emotional contrasts of shapes & textures between a body and a variety of natural / man-made materials & settings. I love the spontaneity this approach offers. I am based in the south west of the UK, where there are some fabulous locations. The granite torrs and wild moors of Dartmoor, a host of ruined buildings, wooded valleys, beautiful beaches & rocky coves provide much of my inspiration. The rest comes from allowing my imagination to fuse with that of intelligent, intuitive models who share my aspirations. To see more of what I do please visit my website