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Industry Arts
Occupation Corporate & Commercial Script Writer, Christian Author, Producer, Actress & Director
Location Georgia, United States
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Introduction A production company producing, housing, crewing, and/or promoting Christian films. Our Mission: Higher Ground Films was formed to produce films glorifying to God with high quality and the firm, untwisted biblical message of hope. Our goal is to concentrate on value for budget so that secular audiences will be interested and seek out this good, wholesome, and entertaining style of filmmaking. We strongly feel that our mission is to the lost. To those who have received Christ our mission is secondary--as a reinforcement and guide to understanding the trials and tribulations of those without hope which we all once were. Description: Christian Filmmaking; Family Films to Glorify God.

Paper or briefs?

Amazing how many trees are chopped down for our communication. And don't get me started on the minerals, petroleum and chemicals used in our computers! So, briefs. As long as they're cotton.