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Industry Arts
Occupation Writer
Location Perth, Western Australia, Australia
Introduction When I was a kid all I was interested in was sound, and then recording. My uncle got me a wire recorder (before tape) when I was 11, and a home record cutter when I was 14. I got a kit amp mail order from Kansas City to drive the cutter head. All this meant that I was pretty technical for a kid. I could make cables and connectors. So when I started hang out in studios, when they knew I could fix headphones, and mic leads, they let me come back. There were only a few places on the planet where there were sound studios. I was fortunate to grow up in such a place. I would call a studio and ask if I could watch a session. You could do that then. There were no schools teaching recording and few books. I leaned by watching, and standing behind people with great ears. I engineered in great studios for years, then taught sound, then edited a magazine, then had a rock and roll hotel, then toured the US for Fostex, made some instructional videos on recording, all the while still making records. In 87 I moved to Oz but increasingly was involved in film, TV, games, and digital media. But deep inside I’m still just a rock and roller that still likes to turn the speakers up.
Interests Storytelling, history, technology, the creative process, music, sound production, films.
Favorite Books When old technologies were new, The Long Tail, Rise of the creative class, The house of mouse, The creative habit, Connections