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Introduction My name is Wolf and I’ve been a music fan since my youthful days in the 70s. SCUMFEAST ZINE was originally a print fanzine in the late 90s. It was one of many print publications dealing with music and extreme culture that I've been involved with either as editor or contributor since 87. I decided to recreate SCUMFEAST online a few years ago but with unfortunate results. Afterwards I then decided to concentrate on Extreme Metal all the time. After a variety of mis-starts I finally got going with this SCUMFEAST METAL 666 site. It's not some huge monster webzine. It will stay small but will weed out the crap and only dedicate time to the Extreme. I look at things not as a critic but as a fan. Do not consider what you read here to be the same as you will read on other music sites. I do try to keep SFM666 an alternative to the norm or mainstream. Being objectionable is not the mission. Being honest with the opinions is.