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Gender Female
Location Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Introduction I was born in a small town in Saskatchewan, Canada (approx. 1000 people) and I come from a family that believes in not only the immediate but the extended family. I stand on the strength of family and community. I understand both and have seen it in motion my entire life. I lived in Hong Kong for 10 years, Australia for 10 years and LA for 10 months. We now find ourselves in Calgary, Alberta. We are citizens of the world and forever travelers. We love humanity and exploring whenever we can. My marriage is mixed (hubby is Korean) so our backgrounds are diverse. I have 3 children and I love to write and speak.
Interests I write and I speak. My dream is to see families strengthened which I believe builds strong communities which then leads to strong Provinces and States which ultimately strengthens whatever Country we find ourselves living in.
Favorite Movies I'm a movie girl so I think there are too many to mention. I love Rom Coms and hate Science Fiction (my brain just doesn't work that way). I don't like scary movies because I'm not interested in putting anymore fear into my heart. I'm also not really interested in watching movies about people dying.....makes me sad and I begin to think too much.
Favorite Music I'm a country girl at heart. They say you can take a girl out of the country but you can't take the country out of the girl.....I believe it and I'm not afraid to say I'm a fan. I also like all things 80's and I'm a sucker for love songs and most recently Kid Rocks Sweet Home Alabama thingy.
Favorite Books I'm a reader so this list would go on forever. I love reading stories about life and human interaction in other countries with diverse customs and culture.