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Gender MALE
Occupation writer
Location Petaluma, CA, United States
Introduction I have furore scribendi which veers into verborrhea. My favorite media (anything that mediates between our sensoria and what is outside our skin) are, in order: books, Internet, CDs (!), DVDs, TV, clothes. I like hoppy beer and New World zins, Indian and Thai food, John Coltrane, JS Bach and heavy metal, the Lakers and Angels, redwood trees, hiking and yoga, bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens, heretical ideas and pornography. If you want me to write for you, for money, contact rmjon23[at]aol[dot] com. You can also drop a line and say hi, but please be nice 'cuz I'm a delicate creature of Nature.
Interests Modernism, anarchy, film noir, counterculture, media theories, fringe ideas, guerrilla ontology, almost all things physical science, culture of intellectuals, hedonism, yoga, the works of Robert Anton Wilson.
Favorite Movies David Lynch's oeuvre, Double Indemnity, The Third Man, Delicatessen, Casablanca, Orson Welles, Woody Allen, a lot of the work of German emigres who fled to Hollywood when Hitler came in, Michael Moore. ETC!
Favorite Music JS Bach, screaming/shredding metal guitarists, Neil Young, Radiohead, Stravinsky, Hendrix, Kronos Quartet, Beatles, psychedelia, Fountains of Wayne, Paganini, blues, Sex Pistols, Joni Mitchell, Zep, John Cage, Brian Eno. ETC!
Favorite Books Illuminatus!Trilogy, Ulysses, Borges's Labyrinths, Naked Lunch, Montaigne, all of Nietzsche, Vico's New Science, Korzybski's Science and Sanity, Homer, Eight Lectures on Pragmatism, Lucretius, The Sociology of Philosophies by Randall Collins, ETC!

Will we find a TOE that unites relativity with quantum mechanics in my lifetime?