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Introduction This concept grew out many years of community organizing. Then, after many successes, there were many perplexing experiences of resistance to further success by many people who had also worked for change for many years. Was it a fear of success? A fear of power? A fear of the unknown? We had never been here before, so, what now? What's next? Not knowing, we retreat back into the comfortable learned helplessness our corporate bureaucratic culture so well programmed into us? Why stop? Why not keep the momentum going and keep building on our victories? I was truly, deeply perplexed. Totally at a loss to make any sense of my observations & experience, I began to think more freely & broadly about the scope & magnitude of change we, the people, would need to achieve for true grassroots democracy. I began thinking of novels which might capture our history and illuminate the path to our future. This plan is part of the backstory/character development.