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Gender MALE
Introduction I am known by many names and epithets. I answer to all of them if I hear and know you want me. I look down and wonder. The costume I wear changes without my permission and becomes less functional daily. It is not me. I am a story teller, seeker, trailblazer (in more ways than imagined), lover, teacher, and friend of the Lord. I love mornings, evenings, babies, and old folks. I love youth, energy, faith, and optimism. I love experience, wisdom, and adventure. I love change most of the time, though I do not like aging. I love the outdoors in all seasons in all places. I hate apathy, fear, and all forms of narrow mindedness and judgment. I love love. And light. I love sharing. I love learning. My best teachers are my family. My single best teacher and lover is Dreampacker. I have special yearnings I hope someday to share with others as they become fulfilled. I often feel no one knows me, not the deep, inside, real me. Many see me only as they used to, or expect to, or in the role they think I'm playing. I am more.