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Gender MALE
Industry Internet
Location Mississauga Ontario, Canada
Introduction I'm an OG (Original Geek) who loves computers! and * Sports betting * Las Vegas * Audio * cars * comics * Fur * The Bard * Good Booze * Beer * Making money on the Internet * Seduction * NLP * Strippers * Anime * Manga * Fitness * Statistics * Financial Engineering * Java * Ruby on Rails
Interests Sports betting, Las Vegas, Audio, cars, comics, Fur, The Bard, Good Booze, Beer, Making money on the Internet, Seduction, NLP, Strippers, Anime, Manga, Fitness, Statistics, Financial Engineering, Java, Ruby on Rails, SQL, Computer Chess, Terry Pratchett, ElfQuest, Handicapping, Tipping
Favorite Movies Wrath of God, Star Wars (The FIRST one)
Favorite Music The Tubes, Emerson Lake and Palmer
Favorite Books Harry Potter

What's the best time you've ever had licking stamps?

When the stamps licked back!