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Industry Business Services
Occupation Import Analyst
Location BC, MI, United States
Introduction I love, love, love to read.

When I get/own a book, it goes in the to-read folder (yes, I have that many books at my house). If I really like a book, usually it'll take me a day or less to read it.

I like reviews that tell me how if the book sucked, was funny, made you cry or all of the above.

I also like to have on hand the entire series before I start it - which worked out very well when I came time to read about Anita Blake and many others. I hate having to wait months between stories.

I like to read: Paranormal Romance, Erotica (usually paranormal and romantic suspense), New Adult, Urban Fantasy, Menage, Western Romance (cowboys rock), Teen Paranormal and Contemporary Romance. I may occasionally read Historical Romance, but it really not my favorite.
Interests Reading, cooking, my kids, TV, music, movies, computers, internet, gardening, Zumba, K-dramas, K-pop, travel
Favorite Movies Life As a House, Love Actually, Back to the Future (all), Sixteen Candles, Weird Science, Goonies, Indiana Jones (all), Harry Potter (all), X-men (all), anything comic booky, My Tutor Friend, Hello School Girl, 100 Days with Mr. Arrogant, Petty Romance, Secret Love, 3 Iron, Green Chair, Unstoppable Marriage, Perfect Partners, Penny Pinchers, Epic, TFioS
Favorite Music I'm really, really into dub and K-pop right now. I like pretty much anything except church music and jazz.
Favorite Books trick question, right?

What's the earliest you've gotten up to watch cartoons and what did you see?

not too early...have always been a night owl...was lucky to catch any saturday morning cartoons...