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Gender MALE
Occupation Web editor
Location Shepparton, Victoria, Australia
Introduction "Slap Tomorrow - A Wake-up Cal" arose from the group Beneath the Wisteria that after about a year of meeting monthly in Shepparton's Maude St Mall, figured it was talk with itself and decided on a major public forum, hence "Slap Tomorrow - A Wake-Up Call" on June 6, 2013, featuring Anna Rose, Veena Sarajwalla, Rob Gell and Kate Auty.
Interests Cycling, reading, writing, transition to the post-carbon future, climate change, reslience, urban design, peace.
Favorite Movies The Last of the Mohicans, Oh! Brother Where Art Thou
Favorite Music Bruce Springsteen
Favorite Books Storms of my Granchildren, the truth about the coming climate catastrophe and our last chance to save humanity; Human Scale; Filters Against Folly; The Crooked Timber of Humanity; Peak Everything; Depletion and Abundance; Deep Economy; The Choice of Hercules; How Mumbo Jumbo Conquered The World; Growth Fetish; Requeium For A Species; The Courage to Write; Prosperity Without Growth.

Why do we implicitly use reason, logic and empiricism for most of life's cricical decisions and then abandon them all when it comes to matters of faith?