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Gender MALE
Industry Business Services
Occupation Continuous Improvement
Location Bakersfield, California, United States
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Introduction I was born and raised in Delano, California and grew up when roof antennae’s and swamp coolers suspended on our roofs; black and white t.v.s provided three good channels; 10-hour-seven-days-a-week-no-questioned-asked-work-days paid low but grateful wages, $5 was enough to pay for a doctor’s visit; text books were used and abused; teachers taught us to learn and think; air was clean and fresh; cuss words were “dang” and “gosh”; gas cost $.25/gallon; Joe Namath electrified the world with game winning touchdowns; women were beautiful without make up; pencils had teeth marks on them; everyone looked at each other eye-to-eye; boys learned how to drive a tractor before a car; musicians played songs that made them unique; sister Theresa in catechism whacked us on the head with a 12 inch ruler; libraries had answers to your questions; and it was really cool to lay on top of a 1958 Chevy, late at night, and stare at the big dipper.
Interests Tai Chi, Qigong, Writing.
Favorite Movies Inherit the Wind, The Last Samurai, Enter the Dragon, Fist of Fury, Shaolin, The Neurmburg Trials
Favorite Music Jazz, New Age, R&B, Alternative Rock
Favorite Books Action, Horror, Adventure, How-To

When you hesitate before hitting snooze on your alarm clock, are you being lazy?

No, just pissed that the stupid alarm woke me up.