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Industry Museums or Libraries
Occupation Archival Processing Assistant
Location Boston, Massachusetts, United States
Interests 3 doors down, abfab, alan bennett, alan plater, animation, anime, archives, archivists, are you being served?, baking, bbc, beiderbecke tapes, black and white photography, bookstores, boston, breaking benjamin, british comedies, buddhism, buffy the vampire slayer, cats, charles de lint, charmed, chinese history, collective memory, conservation, cooking, crossfade, cthulhu, cultural history, dennis mckiernan, disturbed, doctor who, dungeons & dragons, e f benson, england, english history, eragon, fanfic, fanfiction, fantasy, farscape, firefly, fushigi yuugi, gaming, godsmack, goon show, gothic literature, gundam wing, h p lovecraft, hancock's half hour, harry potter, herbal medicine, herbalism, herbs, historiography, history, hitchhiker's guide, homeopathy, horror, horror literature, howard zinn, incense making, irish history, japanese history, jazz, kage baker, librarianship, libraries, linkin park, linkin park underground, love hina, m r james, magic, manga, martial arts, meditation, memory studies, mistings, mmorpgs, monty python, moonlight, mst3k, mstings, museums, my family, navy lark, neil gaiman, new england archivists, new tricks, nickelback, photography, postmodern theory, preservation, revolutionary girl utena, round the horn, rpgs, s t joshi, science fiction, seether, sheridan le fanu, sherlock holmes, shinedown, simmons college, simmons gslis, sir arthur conan doyle, slash fanfic, smile empty soul, society of american archivists, south park, spongebob squarepants, stage managing, stagemanaging, staind, star wars, susan cooper, susanna clarke, tarot, tarot cards, tea, terry pratchett, theatre, three days grace, tibetan history, torchwood, travel, used bookstores, vampire literature, vampires, wicca, windowsill gardening, writing, yoga, zen