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Introduction Hello! Thanks for looking at my blog page. I am from Dublin but moved to London in 2006 to learn to be a marionettist. Having operated in several shows on the Puppet Theatre Barge and been inspired by Gren Middleton's marionettes I decided that I wanted to make puppets myself and went to Devon to do a week long carving course with John Roberts. I have been carving away ever since and now work at it in a professional capacity. I carve in jelutong and limewood but prefer limewood. Being a puppeteer as well as a maker means that I am obsessed with making nice joints because you are constantly thinking about what the puppet is going to be doing when it is onstage and wanting to make life as easy as possible for the operator. My main aim when making a puppet is to make it with great care. Even if a part of the puppet is not going to be visible, because it will be wearing clothes, I have to carve it as if it will be because these parts affect the movement of the puppet and so deserve as much attention as the face or hands. Website: www.missfitzmarionettes.com