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Gender Male
Location Peoples Revolutionary Republic of California, United States
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Introduction Proud member of the Bushchimphitler-Pajamashadeen-Joooish Conspiracy. High-functioning quadriplegic resulting from 3 episodes of cervical spinal stenosis within 2 years; each requiring extensive surgical intervention. In addition to some significant permanent nerve damage at C3-4, airport and courthouse metal detectors go apeshit from the titanium rods, plates and screws that are in place from C2 through T2.
Interests Snipe hunting in Koslamistan
Favorite Movies Conspiracy [Wannsee Conference] (HBO Films), A Bridge Too Far, Patton, The Last Days of Patton, The Empty Mirror, Island On Bird Street, Schindler's List, Auschwitz: Inside The Third Reich, Downfall (der Untergang), Nuremberg, D-Day: The True Story, Operation Daybreak, The Great Battle Of The Volga, The Assassination of Reinhard Heydrich, The Grey Zone, Paperclips, Lost Childhood: The Story Of The Birkenau Boys, Liberation Of Auschwitz (Soviet), Into The Arms Of Strangers, Revolt Of Job (Hungarian), The Civil War 1861-1865, Hampton 81, Atlantic City 89, Crossroads Guitar Festival 2007
Favorite Music A redneck nerd in a bowlin' shirt was a-guzzlin' Lone Star beer. Talkin' religion and politics For all the world to hear. Talkin' religion and a-politics; for all the world to hear. They oughta send you back to Roosha, boy; or New York City, one . . . .
Favorite Books Life And Times Of Reinhard Heydrich/G.S. Graber, Architects of Annihilation/Aly & Heim, The Nazi Seizure of Power/William Sheridan Allen, I Escaped From Auschwitz (incl. Auschwitz Protocols)/Rudolf Vrba, Until the Final Hour/Traudl Junge, The Killing of SS Obergruppenfuhrer Reinhard Heydrich/Callum McDonald, Escape from Auschwitz/Erich Kulka, Anus Mundi/Wieslaw Kielar, War As I Knew It/George S. Patton, Jr., The Good Old Days/Klee Dressen Riess, From Prague After Munich - Diplomatic Papers 1938-40/George F. Kennan, If Britain Had Fallen/Norman Longmate, Justice At Dachau/Joshua M. Greene, A Damned Fine War/Bill Yenne, A Distant Mirror/Barbara W. Tuchman, By Bread Alone/Mel Mermelstein, Final Entries 1945/Josef Goebbels, Assassination of Heydrich/Jan G. Wiener, Auschwitz & The Allies/Martin Gilbert, Inside the Third Reich/Albert Speer, 20th Century Journey/William Shirer, Adolf Hitler/John Toland, Hitler's Willing Executioners/Daniel Jonah Goldhagen, Patton's Third Army/Charles M. Province, The Holocaust/Leni Yahil, Rise & Fall of the Third Reich/William Shirer, The Holocaust Chronicle/International Publications, Citizen Soldiers/Stephen Ambrose, I Will Bear Witness/Victor Klemperer, Architect of Genocide/Richard Breitman, Atrocity/Ka-Tzetnik 135633, The Politically Incorrect Guide to American History/Thomas E. Woods Jr. PhD, Tapestry of Hope/Alice Kern, Birkenau; The Camp of Death/Marco Nahon M.D., Commandant of Auschwitz/Rudolf Hoess, The Wall/John Hersey, Tomorrow Will Be Better/Zdena Kapral, The Life And Death Of Adolf Hitler/Robert Payne, Hitler's Children/Gerald L. Posner, The Last Jews In Berlin/Leonard Gross, Blood & Banquets/Bella Fromm, Reinhard Heydrich/Edouard Calic, The History Of The SS/G.S Graber, The Warsaw Ghetto Is No More/SS Brigadeführer Jurgen Stroop, The Origins Of The Final Solution/Christopher R. Browning, The Specter Of Munich/Jeffrey Record, Hitler's Children/Gerald L. Posner, Daily Life In Hitler's Germany/Seligman et al