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Introduction "Jews continue to behave towards others as they have throughout Millenia - with total contempt. They trample over the rights, property and interests of everyone else. They dominate the government, the media, the professions and the banking system.They think theirs is the only voice that should be heard and their global media stranglehold ensures this aim is virtually 100% met. They behave like total assholes, but then go and cry about "antisemitism" as if there were no causal link involved! It is simple logic: If you behave like a self-centered asshole and demand everything be done YOUR way, then even the most decent of people are going to get sick of you. The correct solution to the problem does not lie in gagging or locking up decent people who despise and denounce assholes; it lies in making it unacceptable to BEHAVE like an asshole." - Phaedrus