About me

Location United States
Introduction About me..about this is the hardest part to write. I like clothes, Halloween, photography, old movies. i come from a large extended family of wonderful weirdos. a mother who taught me to take an excedrin for any ailment my hypocondriacal young mind could dream up. i have a daughter who is showing tendencies for the medically dramatic too. so proud. i am an art school drop out. a costume designer. the first time i met my husband i measured his inseam. true story. i am a unapologetic anglophile who can't spell. i had to spell check both "unapologetic" and "anglophile". if my sister and i were being held captive and forced to say every line from "when harry met sally" we would survive. i think if you have a friend who will tell you "you can do it duffy moon*" then your gonna be all right. i am the mommy. i have a 7, 5 & 3 year old. you'll see them here but out of respect for their privacy i try not to show their faces. i have an affiliated widget in this sidebar. just want to put that out there. thanks for reading. *if you know what this means we should be friends.