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Introduction The title of the blog is a little misleading. I'm not totally an introvert, I just keep my thoughts and problems to myself and exclusively to myself. I enjoy time to myself. I'm pensive. I like to think (usually at night, while driving). Sometimes I talk to myself, and I've had some great conversations/soliloquies. Outside of these things, I would classify myself as an extrovert; outgoing, adventurous, and sociable. I'm fascinated by the multifaceted-ness of people; the way a person can be peeled like an onion, layer by layer until you reach the core of who they are and you realize what they're really made of. Stylings, pretensions, and facades on the surface, and then deeper into politics, religion, morals, stories, habits, inner-thoughts, secrets, shames, relations, hopes, dreams, and expectations. It thrills me. So try and peel back my layers. Maybe behind a seemingly chaotic array of post and information, you'll see a real person.