Daisy, Just Daisy

About me

Industry Law
Occupation Lawyer
Location Chicago, IL
Introduction Daisy Likes: Sweet tea. Cooking. Making B laugh. New Orleans. Skiing in fresh powder. Humidity. Seersucker. Pedicures. Sunscreen. Cocktails on front porches. My sorority sisters. Lake Michigan. Southwest Airlines. Harry Potter. St. Simons Island. My law degree. Oysters and horseradish. Cleaning & organizing. Red wine. Chicago. My house full of friends and family. My college memories. The Detroit Red Wings, the New Orleans Saints, and the USC Trojans. Chubby babies. Sultry Southern nights. My iPhone. Sailing. What you would consider a bad movie or bad music. Hostess gifts.

When you hesitate before hitting snooze on your alarm clock, are you being lazy?

Who says I hesitate? I build one snooze hit into my wake-up time.