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Gender MALE
Industry Manufacturing
Occupation Multimedia Producer
Location Wokingham, Berkshire, United Kingdom
Introduction Call me a skeptic, but I am constantly proven right, where there is a way to make easy money, there is a will. Absolute power corrupts absolutely and we can see that today with wealth disparity, and laws that enable generations of land lords to avoid inheritance tax in its entirety. Not one member of the bottom 90% would vote to maintain that permanent drain on the working man, or to be able to move money from low tax areas or those with financial secrecy. Yet they remain and right now our Prime ministers family are unlikely not to be the beneficiaries of his late fathers Bermuda tax avoidance company and our Local MP is an Ex Rothschild, who deregulated the banks and Chairs a tax avoidance family wealth company. It's no coincidence they keep you focused on GDP and the illusion of opportunity. Their role is simple. Control the markets and let them, the 5%, be the first to move their money. It's high time the cattle started laying down a few laws. For that to happen they need the same consumer rights they have when buying a bag of crisps. www.SMART-voter.org
Interests Photography, videography, keep fit, Keyboard, Guitar, Singing, Computer games, renewable energy, economics, finance.
Favorite Movies Blades of Glory, Forest Gump, Tropic Thunder, Zoolander, Don't mess with the Zohan
Favorite Music Getting back into country at the moment. Generally I just listed to heart.
Favorite Books David Gemmel

If we continue as we are, how long till we can't?