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Location Gabs @ Copenhagen, Denmark
Introduction Single by choice..... I'm blessed with two kids; My daughter Ninon, who's a golden mermaid... And Amadeu, my son. He's an angel in the firmament..... I was born in Venezuela, but has lived all over the globe! My base is now Copenhagen, Denmark. When I'm not reading, watching movies/TV and eating...I'll be at work. -This is besides being; alive, a pedestrian and extremely curious...! I'll try to keep this Blog on track as somewheres I can un/upload all the extra weight of thoughts, wonderment and comments on life and its surroundings...!
Interests Books, movies, history, current events, politics.. and loads of other stuff... I'm curious by nature
Favorite Movies This list could be endless, so I'll just name a few; Most of Marty Scorssese flix'. Wim Wenders; "Der stand der dinge", & " Im lauf der seit", - François Truffaut's early work. - Coen Bros; "Fargo", "Blood Simple", " The Big Lebowski", "No country for old men", - Some Quentin Tarantino. - Old B/W Italian neorealism!! - Howard Hughes': "Only angels have wings", " Les enfants de paradis, "There will be blood", "Sopranos", "'The ususal suspects", "'Le quay de brumes", And on and on it goes...
Favorite Music All the way from Primal Scream, Revolting Cocks past Lucinda Wiliams, Bob Dylan, - Keith Jarret, Chet Baker - Chemical Bros, Trentemöller till Mozart, Bach and Mahler.. So Depends on the day, time and mostly the mood...
Favorite Books Kader Abdolah, Herman Melville Lars Saabye Christensen: "Half brother" James Ellroy, Michael Chabon, Bob Dylan, Hunter S. Thompson, Thomas Pychon, A. A. Milne, Vikram Chandra, Umberto Eco, Barbra Kingsolver, Marylinne Robinson, Kierkegaard, Blixen, Cervantes, Murakami, Wilfred Thesiger, Isabella Bird.... Etc etc etc I love to read and my home bear testimony to the fact!