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Gender Female
Industry Sports or Recreation
Occupation Taker of Abuse (customer service)
Location San Diego, CA, United States
Introduction Welcome to the waiteing room-where we're all a little crazy. Please don't mind the randomness, and I don't me to offend anyone but if I do-eh? Have a glass of wine-it works wonders. This is my daily (well, OK, not daily) world which includes the adventures of me, the hubby R, and Callie-our wild and crazy Brittany. A world where I like to use ... and !, and cook and eat, all while drinking a lovely glass of wine.
Interests a good bottle of, wine, (my palette likes the expensive stuff for some reason), food, (cooking AND eating!), travel, (near or far), outdoors, (i could do without bear and rattlesnakes, though), and, nesting, (if you don't know, then you're not part of the "cool kids club")

What's the best time you've ever had licking stamps?

This one time, at band camp.... And yes, confession-I went to band camp once. But I didn't play an instrument-better yet, I was on the flag team. Oh, the embarrassment! But there was this boy in band, and he was really cute, and ... I'm just starting to sound like a geek, aren't I?