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Location Portland, Oregon, United States
Introduction Not manic depressive, just depressive. And sleepy.
Interests Maple candy, frivolous architecture, sea creatures, pie, art collecting, the iconography of Teddy Roosevelt. I worship at the altar of the Easter Bunny, who bringeth the basket of sweets every year. Blessed be his twitchy little heart.
Favorite Movies Night of the Hunter, Night of the Iguana, Night Nurse
Favorite Music Os Mutantes, Neutral Milk Hotel, Andrew Bird, doowop, carnival, circus
Favorite Books In Watermelon Sugar, The Master and Margarita, Dream of the Red Chamber

You've successfully slain the dragon! How will you toast your marshmallows?

Coincidentally enough, I had a vicious marshmallow fight just this evening, resulting in all sorts of marshmallow goo stuck to my sheets. If they'd been toasted, it would have been a MUCH more scarring sort of event.