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Industry Internet
Occupation Web Analyst
Location Nottingham, United Kingdom
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Introduction Born in Sweden in 1982, I now live in the UK, where I work as a web admin, analyst and designer in real life, and make wands (and blog) in my spare time. Aside from that, I enjoy roleplaying, writing, cats, photography, the paranormal and watch far too many food shows than is good for my waistline.

Am also an introverted HSP, so I write more than I talk, dwell on things for far too long, and tend to annoy people by being far too up front and honest, to the point of being blunt.

Haven't been scared of trolls since I was five and spent my formative years listening to James Whale, so I'm not exactly worried about writing something potentially "controversial" and dealing with the aftermath. :P
Favorite Movies Michael Collins, Dead Poets Society, Serenity, Dirty Dancing, Firefly, NCIS, Time Trax, The Flying Doctors, The X-Files, Poltergeist: The Legacy, Animaniacs
Favorite Music Irish folk, Modern Talking, ABBA, Texas, oldies
Favorite Books Douglas Adams, Robert Jordan, JK Rowling, Philip Pullman