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Gender Male
Location Canada
Introduction Dawning in an era where new music and art were introduced by friends and word of mouth, my youth was filled with a love for the grunge scene and other like artists. If it were possible to mellow from that, my interests found their way to the electronic scene, as did my endeavors in photography. To this day, my preferred listening experience is for select artists from the UK record label, WARP Records. As struggles and stigma go, my creative journey has been rife with challenge; fuel for any starving artist. As any professional Christian would, I strive to make my story not about what ails us, but about what a future filled with hope and discovery has left us to fulfill. If you enjoy my work, I have done my job. Feel free to leave a comment. Most every photograph in the blog posts on this website are linked to a website deemed relevant to the post subject. If any of the subjects tickle your fancy, a click/press of the photograph will lead you to further intel. You can also check for the occasional Easter egg (edits) found throughout the site.