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Gender Male
Industry Publishing
Occupation science fiction author
Introduction John Meaney is a lifelong martial artist, a computer consultant with degrees in physics and computer science, and a trained hypnotist.

As an author of several series, he has won the IPPY Award and been a finalist for the BSFA Award multiple times.

A new series of contemporary cyber thrillers features Case, a spec-ops cyber specialist who hears voices in his head. And then there's his fearsome partner Kat...

His near-future thrillers feature Josh Cumberland, an ex-special forces cyber specialist driven by family tragedy, desperate to do good in a near-future Britain wracked by climate change, a legalized knife culture and political corruption.

The Donal Riordan novels feature a detective in the spooky city of Tristopolis, where the sky is darkest purple and the city’s reactors are powered by the bones of the dead.

His seven Pilots novels include the Ragnarok trilogy, which begins with alien influences on humans at the dawn of the Viking era, includes the birth of the digital age at Bletchley Park, and concludes a million years from now with a conflict against forces from beyond a cosmic void.