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Introduction Diplotech.org is a hub for information on how technology is changing everything from diplomatic communications to the course of armed conflicts and our global economy. Smartphone activists or new online campaigning platforms are redefining our opinions and actions. Newfound transparency creates new insights whilst increasing volatility. New forms of civil engagement enable more voices to be heard but also increase complexity. Political power and communication is shifting from the horizontal state-to-state axis to a vertical state-to-society or society-to-state axis – in many cases the state is left out all together. The innovative capacity of new media and technology will change the way we enter into discourse with one another. My name is Max, and I’ve been working in tech for the past years. I do also carry a passion for international relations and public policy that gives me a slightly different angle on many things "we" in tech see and do everyday. With this blog, I'd like to promote an exchange of ideas and offer thoughts on these topics. I hope to unravel the opportunities and risks of this development and gather different perspectives and stories about these developments.