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Industry Arts
Occupation Published Writer, Photographer, Performance Artist, Promoter and Publicist
Location Vancouver, B.C., Canada
Introduction Co-creatng a Conscious Community in Vancouver, B.C. A mere year ago, when my son and I still went for idyllic walks .. together, I joked: " Can i trade my teen in for your dog,?" to one more pet lover. Soon thereafter, the night before King Kaelin's 16th birthday, intuition .. birthed "Puppy Love" - Thelma and Edward, our big sis and baby bro golden and black Labs. And no son! Watch out what you joke about - it will come true .. So, when Eddie isn't lick'n my bitch's petunia, she is letting me know: " No, just cause you are living in the West End, with short hair, I don't think your a dyke!" While my son lives on his own and kills thousands before breakfast - when his computer dies - he will surely come to life, again. Even though i lost my period in the forest - if you find it, please bring it back - I am sure that a menopausal 'MILF' and a pubescent 17 year old boy who love one another can get through whatever passages .. that they are going through - hopefully together. For 'LOVE is All that Matters!"
Interests To speak and share my truth, as spoken by my happiest heart. Offering my poetic senses to heighten others consciousness. Allowing Trust to be mine only 'time'-table; telling me all I need to know. Believing in Love.
Favorite Movies "Being There" with Peter Sellers. "Elephant Man" and any movie that reveals the nature of man - sadly not always so kind. So, here's to a new Woman-Kind.
Favorite Music Motown with Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder and so many other wonders. The Golden Oldies fondly remembered from my childhood and mutually and most magically shared with my wise soul-mate and 13 year young son, Kaelin.
Favorite Books Since I have read them all, it is time to publish my own bestseller!

How much light does it take to really shine?