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Location Baltimore, <br>Soviet Republic of Marylandistan<br>
Introduction I'm in my late 40s, father of two, husband of one, self employed and generally happy with my life. I have been running my own business since 1998, before that I bounced around several meaningless jobs after graduating from Towson State University with degrees in History and Political Science. For most of my adult life, I was a conservative Democrat, which confused the hell out of people trying to pigeonhole me, but the excesses of the current administration finally drove me to switch my party affiliation to Republican, as I want nothing to do with the abomination Washington is attempting to perpetrate on the American people. My overriding political philosophy is generally libertarian in nature. I remained a Democrat for years mostly out of a sense of nostalgia for my younger, more idealistic (but completely impractical) youth, although as a practical matter, in a one party, closed primary state like Maryland, if you aren't a registered Democrat, nine times out of ten, your vote doesn't matter. Nostalgia or no, the excesses of the Obama administration finally put paid to that.