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Location Alamogordo, New Mexico, United States
Introduction I am a mature women vivacious - adventurous by nature - outgoing and laughter loving. I am interested in life and learning about new cultures and locations. Anthropology is just one of my passions. I have a curious mind about life and live it with 100% zest. Seeing new places and meeting the peoples of far away lands and experiencing exotic cultures is like honey to a bee for me. To that end I am a traveler to the 10th power. I am an Artist - Tender Hearten - Poker Playing - Loyal - Hardworking and a diverse and unique individual. I am educated formally & am life intelligent. I still smiles softly at the sight of a rainbow and a kind word can still make me blush. I love a wild storm on the beach and crisp snows in winter. I am a women on the cusp of a new self awareness. I am fearless in business and in travel.
Interests Who I'd like to meet: People of a like mind - Not interested in taking anything from any one person, not interested in deception or cyber lovers but rather interested in the collective intellect and varied cultures and similarities of humanity. * Those interested in meeting others for friendship and a sharing of ideals and ideas....I don't want to bring tears or pain to anyone. *I seek to bring peace and laughter - understanding and humanity, and also; Hopefully to do my best to take my own advice as well as I give it

Why does the color blue mean raspberry-flavored?

When you wake inthe morning is it with a smile or trepidation that youare trapped in a nebulous of unknowns?