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Location Brooklyn, NY
Introduction In 1609, an English explorer was commissioned by the Dutch East India Trading Company to find a fast easterly passage to Asia. He didn’t. And though he had failed to find the northwest passage, Henry Hudson stumbled upon something even better... one of the biggest and best harbors in the world... “a safe haven,” one fellow explorer said, “wherein 1,000 ships can sail in safety”. 400 years later, New York is still the finest harbor on the Atlantic seaboard... and home to thousands of the finest drinking establishments in the world. Along these lines, we would like to welcome you to Safe Haven Bar & Grill. And we look forward to getting to know you at the bar. Our aim is to provide you with an excellent experience on every occasion that we have the pleasure of seeing you, whether you’re here for a few minutes or a few hours. So give us a shot. If you’re worthy, we might even do one with you. And if you’re not...well... we’ll probably do one with you anyway. Either way, we hope to see you soon at the haven. Peace.