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Location Pennsylvania, United States
Introduction I am interested in a lot of things-- small animals (such as rodents), spiders, insects, stars, genetics, linguistics, religion, cooking, hiking, learning (or making up) new languages, and so on. I've got seven kids and four grandkids. So far.
Interests biology, parenting, cultures, languages, linguistics, conlangs, cooking, hiking
Favorite Movies Better Off Dead, that LoTR trilogy, The Dark Crystal, Labyrinth, Enemy at the Gates, Ravenous (cheesy cannibalism western), Deep Blue Sea (cheesy shark movie), Lake Placid (cheesy crocodile comedy), Pitch Black (cheesy trapped-on-a-planet-full-of-vicious-aliens movie)
Favorite Books Describing Morphosyntax

What spells can you cast with magic markers?

Magic markers are a vital tool for Curse of The Ruined Clothes, as well as being essential for Berinath's Chant of The Bright Stain.